Ayrshire Intensive Housing Support Service

Ayrshire Intensive Housing Support Service (AIHSS) provides intensive, one-to-one housing support for people with complex needs, experiencing or at risk of homelessness. AIHSS works with some of the most vulnerable and chaotic people in Ayrshire to help them resettle successfully in the community and address the complex needs that are a barrier to living a stable life and taking up opportunities to move on. AIHSS helps to equip people with the basic life and social skills and coping mechanisms they will need to sustain their tenancy, engage with other services and move towards living independently.

How does it work?
Local authority housing and homelessness officers can make referrals for an individual, many of these service users are homeless and living in a hostel or temporary accommodation. Support is centred on the needs of individual and is based on a Personal Support Plan setting out goals, tasks and timescales.

What we do:

  • Help with signing up to a local authority tenancy or private let.
  • Getting furniture and equipment needed to move in. 
  • Help with benefits, budgeting and debts - including form completion.
  • Keeping a clean and tidy home.
  • Encourage healthy eating and prompt to take medication. 
  • Improving relationships with family and neighbours. 
  • Engaging and linking in with specialist/professional services e.g. psychiatric support, GP, Social Work and addiction services.
  • Encourage to develop personal goals e.g. literacy, education, training and volunteering.

Our support helps people to stabilise and improve their lifestyles and supports them to anticipate, manage and reduce personal crises. Staff provide practical advice and guidance as well as emotional support. By listening to and supporting people, their resilience and motivation are increased.

For more information on this service please contact:
Nicola Young - Manager
Email: NYoung@aspire2access.org.uk